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Game Of Thrones Releases Seven Part Behind The Scenes Series

Admin Aug 30,2017

The last scene of the penultimate period of Game of Thrones has been disclosed and many fans are presently left pondering what they’ll get amped up for consistently. We additionally have no clue when the following season will debut, considering the seventh one was deferred for a while due to generation challenges.

Be that as it may, the great individuals at HBO have been sufficiently thoughtful to give us a glance at how extraordinary compared to other periods of the show sprung up. The telecom organization will be discharging Game Revealed each week, which will give an in the background understanding into everything from White Walkers, monsters, passings and everything in the middle.

The first episode of Game Revealed obviously focuses on ‘Dragonstone’, the first instalment of the seventh season. It showed fans why the director, Jeremy Podeswa, started with that incredible opening scene showing Arya impersonating Walder Frey before she kills his entire army.

Podeswa says: “It’s always interesting when you’re starting a new season and, you know, the question is always: what do you start with?

“Are you going to start with something small to kind of ease your way in, or are you going to start with something huge and get it over with and put that behind you. In this case we start with something really huge.”

Masie Williams (Ayra Stark) says she was blown away by the mask the team had concocted to make her look exactly like David Bradley (Walder Frey). She also mentions how nice it was to shoot a scene with Ed Sheeran. The musician said: “I first got the scene and said I was a Lannister soldier and it was with Masie and I just assumed we’d all get killed in the end.”

It also showed how much of a process it was to turn actors and extras into White Walkers. A time lapse shows one man sitting in a chair for what seems like hours as his prosthetics are painted on. On YouTuber commented saying: “It honestly is amazing how much time and effort they put into making every episode of Game of Thrones.”

The video also reveals that the man that Cersi Lannister (Lena Headey) dismisses while he’s painting the massive map of the Seven Kingdoms in the Red Keep is Jim Stanes, who actually came up with the original design for the map for the TV series.

The first time we see Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) in the new season is a montage of him working in the Citadel. While that scene only lasts a few minutes, it took three and a half days to shoot it.

The painstaking work that went into creating the set at Daenerys Targaryen’s (Emilia Clarke) home was also revealed. The team actually carved out two massive dragon’s heads and built those huge doors, which Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) says: “The gates of Dragonstone, it’s probably be on film for about 30 seconds but so much detail and work went into this set.”

The first instalment of Game Revealed is free to watch on YouTube, however the rest will only be available to those who have an HBO subscription. They will come out every Monday for the next six weeks so now you’ll have something to look forward to again.